Aug 8, 2012

Change Your Self First

If there was anything wrong in the world and you want to change it. You should change this bad thing in yourself first.
Maybe you did not understand it.

I will explain it for you.  ARE YOU READY?? 

Before I start you should ''smile'' because you are spending your time in a  good thing ;) hhhhhh thanks for the smile :D

Now we can start.. For example: people who don't apply the law. We can't change them before we change ourselves because we are part of this world. We might be small part but when everyone effects on his friends and family this small part will be bigger. When we effect on others they will work with us because they believe from in we said. The small group will become bigger and bigger by the time, it's not impossible !!

By this way we can effect on others in a good way to develop countries and live in a good and healthy world.

Everywhere we go to learn they give us informations. Even here you read a few words you might work on it or might not.
It's all about YOU.  if you want to change you will change !! no one can stop you because you believe that you can do it. even if you failed in the first time you should not stop, you should continue on your plan to reach success. Let's have an example like: Soichiro Honda
 the person who founded Honda company for cars, when he suggested his ideas for Toyota company they ignored him. he didn't sit and cry because of what happened to his project, he worked to start new company with his own ideas. Look he didn't stop and his company is still going. Have this person as a role model in this point.

when i was in innovation station 2012 i wrote a nice rule and it's  a FACT: 
"If you always do what you have always done… you'll get what you have always got."  Muhammed Alwazan

read it again and again then you'll believe that you should work on your self to change.

In the end, there are many bad things in our life. However, we should work to fix it by changing our selfs in the beginning. 

Don't be shy !!

  • Enjoy your self will you are reaching success. 
  • Believe in your skills and don't let negative messages effect on your work.
  • Good planing and regularly the time is the most things to save time and reach success.
  • Little from change keeps life amusing.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing is impossible,
    Even failure is a possibility.

    If one takes into account great achievers,
    He must also take into account great failures.

    Just like the late Carl Sagan has once said;
    " Better by far,
    To embrace the hard truth,
    Than a reassuring fable. "

    "Our commonsense intuitions can be mistaken,
    Our preferences do not count,
    We do not live in a privileged reference frame. "

    Though, your post is good for motivation I guess.

    Keep up the good-work !