Aug 7, 2012

Who Is Abdulla Faqihi

A little man that lives on earth to make a difference and change the wrong things that people don't look into

I took my first step in the world of photography since 2010. I registered in small competition in Bahrain and that was my first push to join this wonderful world.  I didn't stop, after this i went to SOP ( School Of Photography ). they taught me how to use the camera and how to use the manual mode. Now i'm one of the members there because i love the place and i love photography.  :p

I'm  still a beginner and I will not stop learning about photography. Even youtube helps me when i don't know how to use or set the camera to take wonderful pictures.

I'm  at Al-Iman school from first grade until now hhhhhh, it's funny but  I love my school and the way they teach in it. By the way i'm a senior now XD   #seniors'13

I love volunteering & helping others. I made a lot of friends only by helping them when they face a problem and I can fix it

I have a lot of rules or lets say titles  in my life, like: think different, nothing is impossible, be the change that you need it change in the world etc...

A Simple person, whom if you work with you will know a lot of things about

i believe that i will make a difference but not in the same time, step by step ;)  #MyRule

Don't forget to smile.       #Smile

i hope that you liked my first post here and please leave a comment ( it will support me ) 

Thanks for reading :D